1. Membership Criteria:                               

Any Oromo who meet one of the following criteria and agrees to abide by this Constitution can be Member of IOLA. Our membership is broad and contains the following:

  • Any Oromo lawyer (private attorney) who practice law in any jurisdiction
  • Legal researchers and trainers, legal consultants
  • Judge, prosecutor, Public Defender, Legal Service Officer, registrar with law credential
  • Law professor, teacher, Instructor, lecturer, tutor etc
  • Civil Servant, individual contractors and consultants,
  • Post-graduate judicial and prosecutorial trainees,
  • A recent graduate from a law school
  • A law school student in good standing – as a student member
  • A person actively working as a paralegal.

IOLA also provides Associate or Honorary Membership status to persons who support the objectives and activities of the Association, and agree to abide by its Constitution, regardless of the above criteria. Associate Members shall have all the privileges of Members except for holding offices.

Upon receiving a signed application form, the decision to admit a new member to the Association is adopted by the Executive Board of the Association.


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