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Founded in 2014 under the laws of the the United States, International Oromo Lawyers Association (IOLA) is a non-profit, non-sectarian and politically neutral professional association. The association will have chapters and branch offices in different jurisdictions. The association is established to contribute to the efforts of ensuring the prevalence of rule of law, democratic values and respect for fundamental human rights of persons living in Oromia/Ethiopia and in the Diaspora. In addition, the association closely follows and analyses legal development concerning the Oromo, compiles and avails all relevant information to the public.

The IOLA holds an Annual Conference for its members at a different venues with speakers foreseen from different backgrounds including but not limited to the judiciary, the Bar, paralegal and Universities. IOLA intends to expand its projects through fostering partnership and affiliation programs with different organizations that operate at national and international level.

Members of the IOLA have duties and rights as clearly stipulated in the constitution of the organization.

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