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IOLA Press Release Regarding the arrest of Professor Merera Gudina

The International Oromo Lawyers Association (IOLA) expresses its deepest concern over the detention of prominent Oromo/Ethiopian opposition leader professor Merera Gudina, a Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and Vice-Chairman of the Coalition of Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (MEDREK)).
Download pdf version here

Press Statement on the outcome IOLA organized Oromo Conference for National Consensus

International Oromo Lawyers Association, IOLA, hereby announces the successful completion of   the conference it hosted under the title of “Oromo Conference for National Consensus” from October 22 – 23, 2016 in the city of London, UK. The participants of the conference included various Oromo political Organizations, Civic society and as well as Oromo individuals from all over the world. Download the pdf versioin here

UPDATE: IOLA Press statement Regarding the Irrechaa Massacre of October 2016

On the 2nd of October 2016, Ethiopian security forces shot live ammunition into the massive crowd (estimated in millions) and fired tear gas during the Irreechaa Festival, the Oromo͛s thanks giving day. As we now understand, in a matter of 30 minutes, hundreds of unsuspecting celebrant͛s were killed and thousands have suffered severe injuries and mental trauma.

Concluding Press Statement of IOLA organized Oromo Conference for National Consensus

A two day “Oromo Conference for National Consensus” held from 22 – 23 October 2016 that was organized by the International Oromo Lawyers Association – IOLA, in which all Oromo political organizations as well as members of major Civic Society took part, was concluded successfully. Download the pdf version here

IOLA Press Release regarding the Irrecha Masaccre of October 2016

International Oromo Lawyers Association (IOLA) has been following the tragic killings of more than three hundred Oromos by the Tigray people Liberation Front’s (TPLF) special force, known as Agazi, on 2nd of October 2016, around Lake Arsadi, near the town of Bishoftu some 45 kilometers to the North-East of Addis Ababa, where more than two million Oromos of all walks of life gathered to celebrate the annual irrecha – an Oromo Thanks-Giving day.

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