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The International Oromo Lawyers Association (IOLA) expresses its deepest concern over the detention of prominent Oromo/Ethiopian opposition leader professor Merera Gudina, a Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and Vice-Chairman of the Coalition of Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (MEDREK)).

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 Press Statement on the outcome IOLA organized Oromo Conference for National Consensus

 International Oromo Lawyers Association, IOLA, hereby announces the successful completion of   the conference it hosted under the title of “Oromo Conference for National Consensus” from October 22 – 23, 2016 in the city of London, UK. The participants of the conference included various Oromo political Organizations, Civic society and as well as Oromo individuals from all over the world.

IOLA’s Observations of the Oromo Conference for National Consensus Held in London from 22 – 23 October, 2016.


 Oromo Political and Civic Society Organizations, Oromo media and human rights activists as well as individuals coming from different parts of the world and participating in the two day “London Oromo Conference for National Consensus” hereinafter, the Conference, organized by International Oromo Lawyers Association – IOLA, in close cooperation with Oromo Community in the United Kingdom, was held in London, United Kingdom, from 22 -23 October 2016. Seven Oromo political Organizations, academics, media and human rights activists as well as representative of Oromo Women presented their respective papers with focus on the current situation in Oromia and its impact on the future of the Oromo nation in particular and that of Ethiopians in general. More than 400 participants mostly from Europe and few from the USA attended the meeting and actively took part in the discussion on the presentations made by the political organizations and other invited guests.  

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